Landmark Machining Services

Landmark has a solid reputation of providing precision machined components by offering everything from prototypes, fixtures, programming, to low and high volume production.  The information below shows the capabilities of Landmark and the machining services we provide.  Free quoting is available on our Contact Us Page.  Quotes are valid for 30 days.


Many of the products we have produced over the years have required the use of a manual or CNC mill.  Manual mills will always be an important part of the industry.  On the other hand CNC mills have the ability to make truly intricate parts in a fraction of the time.  CNC mills programmed with software like Mastercam really push the boundaries of what is possible in the machining services industry.

Milling Equipment:

CNC Mills:

  • Fadal VMC 3020 - 20 x 30
  • Fadal VMC 15 with 4th axis - 16 x 30
  • Excel FMC 10T24 - 20 x 40
  • Milltronics VMC - 16 x 30
  • Bridgeport Int. 412 - 16 x 20
  • HAAS VFOE - 20 x 30.

Manual Mills:

  • KBC 16 x 36
  • Bridgeport 16 x 36
  • Erickson 24 x 48. 
  • All manual mills are currently equipped with digital location devices.


 Lathe machines whether manual or CNC are absolutely crucial to the machining services industry.  How else would you make a ball screw?  Without a ball screw how could we have mills?  The Lathe is the machine that built the vary industry we are a manufacturer in.  LMC is currently equipped to handle up to 16.5 inch Ø material with our CNC lathes and 20.0 inch Ø material with our manual lathes.

Turning Equipment:

  • Hwacheon Hi-Eco 35 CNC Lathe

    12.0 inch Ø chuck ~ 3.5 inch Ø thru hole capacity ~ 0.0 to 16.5 inch turning Ø ~ 0.0 to 23.6 inch turning length ~ Fanuc Controls

  • Hwacheon Cutex CNC Lathe

    8.0 inch Ø chuck ~ 1.75 inch Ø thru hole capacity ~ 0.0 to 11.8 inch turning Ø ~ 0.0 to 11.8 inch max turning length ~ Fanuc Controls

  • Clausing CV-2080 Manual Lathe

    12.0 inch Ø chuck ~ 4.0 inch Ø thru hole capacity ~0.0 to 20.0 inch turning Ø ~ 0.0 to 80.0 inch max turning length ~ 2 axis DRO

  • 3 Precision Toolroom Manual Lathes

    0.0 to 14.0 inch turning Ø ~ 0.0 to 40 inch turning length

Welding and Fabrication

Welding Equipment:

Landmark has a dedicated welder and we use a MILLER Syncrowave 180 TIG and a LINCOLN Power MIG 255 for our welding needs.

Fabrication Equipment:

  • Hydraulic 50 ton, 40 ton, and 10 ton presses
  • 36 inch electric press
  • 48 inch manual brake
  • Two 36 inch manual brakes
  • Plasma cutter
  • Acetylene cutting torch
  • Multiple drill presses as well as sanding and honing equipment.
  • LMC provides custom Welding and Fabrication of Steel, Alumuim, and Stainless Steel.
  • LMC has bending capabilities up yo 1/4″. We also have alternative options for thicker material.
  • LMC offers Shearing and forming of many types of material. Just ask for a no obligation quote.

Waterjet Cutting

Landmark Machine Company Inc. uses an Omax Waterjet and Omax Software.  The Omax software allows Landmark to translate or draw two dimensional electronic files and then transfer that information into the Omax Waterjet Make program.  After the part drawing has been translated and converted by the Omax software it is ready to be cut.  The Omax machine then utilizes a high pressure stream of water mixed with an abrasive gemstone called Garnet which rapidly erodes a narrow .030 (thirty thousandths) channel into a raw piece of material.  As a result of this process there is little to no wasted material and machining time is significantly reduced.  Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting technology.  In other words it will not heat harden metals like other methods such as laser cutting.

3D Printing

3D Printed composite parts have dramatically reduce research and development costs.  This is achieved by creating prototype parts in far less time when compared to traditional machining methods.  The traditional approach usually requires the use of multiple machines and personnel.  Furthermore 3D printing gives you a strong prototype to properly test an application before starting production.  In addition Onyx 3D printed parts are suitable for industrial applications.  We currently use the Markforged Onyx One.  This is an industrial grade printer equipped with a nylon/carbon fiber blend that is resistant to industrial chemicals.

(Build size 12.6 x 5.2 x 6.1 - Layer Thickness 100-200 Microns)

Precision Grinding

Precision grinding is most commonly used for finishing close tolerance, ferrous metal parts that require a parallel surface finish.  Landmark has the following magnetic precision grinders: An ACER Automatic 6 x 18 inch and a KENT Manual 6 x 18 inch. 

Quality Control

This is one of the most important aspect of any machining services company.  We are only as accurate as our gauging tools.  This is because we must use those tools to setup the machines and to set tool zero positions.  Most importantly it is crucial that we treat those tools with care so the gauges stay accurate.  When you ensure the precision and care of the tools the quality of the part will follow suit.

  • Mitutoyo F604 CMM
  • Nikon Optical Comparator
  • Surface Plates, Grade A to 24 x 36
  • All Micrometers, Indicators and Gage equipment for complete inspection